Elderado – Hunting Lodge & Entertainment Venue in Uvalde

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Dove Hunting at Elderado Lodge

Uvalde Texas is located on the border of the central and south zones. Uvalde offers tremendous opportunities for early September hunts. The Oak trees in town provide a safe roost for the migratory bird.

The birds leave town and move towards the many grain fields surrounding Uvalde. As the birds migrate south, Elderado has relationships with other outfitters and farmers to continue to find good amounts of birds. 70% of all hunts are 50 yards from our lodge. The other 30% are no more than a 15-minute drive.

Packages: $975.00 Per man / 25 shooters for a weekend and $875 / 12 shooters for a weekday hunt. Includes day hunt fees, food, lodging and bird cleaning services.

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Our Uvalde hunting lodge, Elderado, was built in 1969 as a hay barn. The unique rustic lodge and patio provide an atmosphere of the old hunting lodge with modern amenities. It has a T.V. room and wonderful outdoor patio with swimming pool, fire pit, split mesquite, washer boards, horse shoe pits and a skeet range; all surrounded by Oak trees overlooking a stock tank. If you have a female sales rep or customer, please feel free to include them at Elderado. We have separate lodging for all female customers.

Elderado's Banquet Room, Fit for a King

Our unique banquet room maintains the quality and atmosphere of a 5 star restaurant. We take great care and preparation in all of our food. Such meals include, Cabrito, Tenderloin, and the best B.B.Q. in Uvalde County.

Stables and Outdoor Venue only at Elderado

Horses are a big part of our life and business. We do trail rides for kids of all ages. Our Rodeo arena allows you to try all the different patterns of a real rodeo. Trail rides around the farm are always relaxing.

Prices start at $125.00 per hour. Discounts can be arranged with booked hunts.

Our outdoor venue consists of a beautiful grassed area surrounded by 300 year old Oak trees. Our dance floor and outdoor bar make a perfect place for any type of celebration. We provide food and staffing for any event, as well as coordinate live music.

Prices are custom for each event.

Interested in something smaller and more intimate for your family or friends? Check out ElderLago in Del Rio, or EldeRio situated on the crystal blue waters of the Nueces River in Uvalde.

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Booking for Upcoming Season Now

Book your group's dove hunting stay at Elderado before spots fill up. Season is limited, and so is space. For more information call or email, Joe Elder.